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We often roam the surrounding mountains with our trusty slingshot, looking for birds to shoot. Each day we climbed higher up the mountain, where we found a cave. This is no ordinary cave, as there are tons of trinkets and trinkets. We thought that an ancient saint lived there, but we were wrong… One autumn morning, while we were playing in the cave, its owner returned.


He stands nine feet tall and his fiery red skin contrasts with the cold metal of his robotic arms. Her face was expressionless and her mouth was soft. When we smell it, a sickly mix of sweet and toxic, it removes its glasses and reveals its eyes, like a portal to another world. We shot him with a slingshot, but it didn’t work…we were so scared our breath was stolen.


Where a roar from the depths of the beast was expected, it sang a magic song. His song was like thunder, echoing off the mountainside. We plugged our ears and ran wildly, but were deafened by the singing. In the end, we had long since left the cave and the animal had completely disappeared. We did not know then that we would be changed forever. As we remembered his eyes, his song kept ringing in our heads, a wordless ballad lurked in the back of our minds – a story called Ghost Bear.


As we descended, our hearing returned and slowly the world came alive with sounds. For the first time, we heard real songs in the world. How have we not heard this before? The roar of the river, the chirping of birds, and the crunch of snow under our feet were all music to our ears. The message became clear: a man named Onikuma wanted the beauty of the world to be heard by all.


Since that fateful day, we have tried to share songs with the world. With our keen ears and greedy hearts, we created Onikuma Gaming. We know our stories are amazing, but we can’t share our experiences with the world if the animals haven’t awakened our ears.


So every time you use one of our products, thank you for what we call Onikuma and play as if you own it.