Dobe TP5-05102 PS5 Multifunctional Cooling Stand




All-in-one multi-functional cooling stand specially designed for PS5 UHD and Digital Edition consoles. Built-in triple high speed cooling fans. Powerful heat dissipation extracts the internal heat of console quickly and keep the console cool. 3 speed levels available and with on/off switch, fan speed indicator and power-off memory function. Dual charging dock recharges up to two PS5 DualSense controllers simultaneously. Vertical charging allow to easily see the charging status (orange breathing light of controllers). Extra USB port for connecting wired controller and other USB accessories (NOT for external hard disk). Power by the game console via splitter USB charging cable (included). No additional power source required. Compact and easy to set up. Keep your place neat and tidy.Input: DC 5V/3.0A Output: DC 5.1V 600mA*2 USB1/USB2 Output:DC 5V 700mA~1000mA *2 Fan Speed: 5500±1100r/min (High), 4500±900r/min (Medium),3500±700 r/min (low) Controller Charging Time: Around 4-4.5 hrs


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